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Alex is an active young man who loves to run, swim, rock climb, and play outdoors. He enjoys building amazing Lego creations, doing science experiments, and trying to fix things. He gets along well with other kids in his school, and though he's done will in other educational settings, he'd prefer to stay in public school. 

Alex says he wants parents who are funny, athletic, and enjoy hiking. He loves going to church and would like to have parents who "are Christians." Alex's team will consider parents who are mellow, experienced in parenting kids who've had a tough start in life, and committed to helping him reach his full potential. 

Alex's sisters, Carmen and Yashira, are also featured on the Heart Gallery AK. The team will consider placing Alex with one or both of his siblings, with the right family. He'll be counting on his parents to keep him connected with his siblings. 

Each Heart Gallery of Alaska profile is a strengths-based portrait and is not intended to provide details needed to make adoption placement decisions. Additional child-specific information may be provided to families who have completed licensing and training requirements.

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