Antonio "Izaha"



January 2004


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Antonio, who goes by his middle name, Izaha, is a polite and hardworking young man who enjoys being helpful to others. His interests range from 4-wheeling and remote-controlled cars to diverse musical genres to rockets and Nerf guns.  During quiet times, he likes coloring and building with Legos. He loves sports, especially soccer! He is mechanically inclined, and loves hands-on projects that involve taking things apart, repairing, and inventing. He is increasingly interested in video games, computer, and the internet, and has expressed a desire to become a pilot.

In school, Izaha receives supports to promote his success, academically. He tends to get along better with kids younger than himself than he does with peers and adults. Verbal praise and encouragement are important to him, and he benefits from one-on-one time with those close to him.

Izaha will flourish in a home that provides love and warmth, hand in hand with clear expectations and a structured environment. He responds best to mentoring from men, so a dad who can offer strong guidance and affectionate nurture will be a great role model for Izaha as he continues learning to appropriately develop skills of independent living. Izaha has a strong bond with his sister, and will be counting on his family to help him maintain this important relationship.

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