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This adventurous young man is a bit of a daredevil who likes to “switch things up.” JJ (short for Jonathan) enjoys sports, especially football, and hopes to be a quarterback. He’s good at baseball, and likes basketball, too. He'd eventually like to play in the NBA. In fact, he’s good at pretty much all sports, likes them all, and thrives on the challenge and physical activity! Whatever the weather, he is happy to be outdoors! Whether he’s fishing, trekking toward a mountain peak, hitting the slopes to snowboard, or getting the most from his bicycle, he wants to be fully engaged, and an element of competition makes it even more fun!

He has a serious side, too. When he isn’t occupied with sports and outdoor adventures, you may find him quietly reading or playing video games. He also likes to play with his toys at home, such as remote-controlled cars. JJ enjoys animals and is gentle with them. He likes getting hugs from people he’s close to, and it is important to him to talk over what’s on his mind and receive encouragement from trusted adults.

When it comes to academics, he definitely prefers reading over math. He has enjoyed learning to play the trumpet this year, and would enjoy getting to try some other instruments, too, including the clarinet and the tenor saxophone.

JJ will do best in a family with calm, patient, and encouraging parents who make their expectations clear. The family for JJ should be able to balance his need for structure with a measure of independence. JJ would like to have pets, and enjoys spending time with young children. He’ll be relying on his forever family to help keep him connected to his siblings.

Each Heart Gallery of Alaska profile is a strengths-based portrait and is not intended to provide details needed to make adoption placement decisions. Additional child-specific information may be provided to families who have completed licensing and training requirements.

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