July 2011


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Jayden is an energetic boy who enjoys active work and active play! He has a strong work ethic, and takes pride helping with jobs like yard work and car repair. Jayden says he loves trains and wants to work with trains when he grows up. He is happy to ride bikes or scooters, play basketball, and go camping and fishing. He plays video games from time to time, but prefers to watch others play, and also enjoys watching others play chess.

Those close to Jayden describe him as kindhearted, silly, energetic, and an old soul. He has a special connection with older adults and loves to play card games with them, like Go Fish, Memory, and War. He also likes to play card games with other children, though his strongest friendships with peers are those that he can be active with. He needs to feel included, and connects well with youth older than himself.

The ideal family for Jayden would include a strong male role model who can invest in one-on-one time with him. The family should be able to work closely with teachers and others to meet his educational needs. It is important to Jayden to remain connected with birth family members through in-person visits and to include them in special celebrations like birthdays and holidays.

Each Heart Gallery of Alaska profile is a strengths-based portrait and is not intended to provide details needed to make adoption placement decisions. Additional child-specific information may be provided to families who have completed licensing and training requirements.