Laylah & Tanner



August 2008 & March 2012


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Sports or school, boardgames or cooking—Laylah is up for all of it, as long as her friends or family are also involved! Naturally athletic, she is good at sports and enjoys gymnastics, volleyball, and basketball. Laylah hopes to do cheerleading in the future.

Laylah is very social and enjoys spending time with friends at school. She stays on top of her schoolwork, too, getting her homework done independently. Though she finds math challenging, Laylah is able to get good grades in all subjects. She looks forward to graduating from high school, attending college, and traveling to places like Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Tanner is a likeable and energetic young man with big plans! He says he’d like to be rich and famous one day, own a mansion, and have two cats and a Rottweiler. He dreams of being an artist, an inventor, a doctor, or a football announcer. For now, he enjoys going on walks with his family and finding other fun ways to burn off energy. He loves to be outside, and also enjoys playing games like Minecraft and Halo.

Witty and talkative, Tanner gets along well with others, openly sharing his thoughts and feelings. He loves to read, and says he enjoys math and PE. He does best with a predictable schedule and structured activities.

Both Tanner and Laylah express a desire to be part of a family with kids their own ages or older. Laylah thinks it would be nice if they have pets, and says it’s important to her to keep in touch with school friends and extended family. Tanner would like to have a big yard where he can run and play. The siblings will be relying on their forever family to keep them in touch with important people in their lives, especially their brother Jack.

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