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October 2007



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Story Profile

Aiden is a sharp and capable young man..

who enjoys a range of outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, hiking, and swimming. His favorite sports are basketball and football, and he loves to cook and bake. His claim to fame are his chocolate chip cookies! Aiden enjoys school and does very well; his favorite subjects are math and science, and he loves to read educational books in his free time. He is currently interested in quantum physics and learning Spanish.

For his future, Aiden hopes to graduate high school and attend college for engineering. His dream would be to attend post-graduate school in Germany. Aiden is considering joining the Army reserves to have his education paid for.

Aiden is flexible about what he’s hoping for in a family and thinks either a single parent or couple would be good. He’s comfortable with the idea of having new siblings, though he’d like to have his own room. It’s important to him that his adoptive family is active and enjoy outdoor activities; he enjoys the hustle and bustle of a busy household. He would also enjoy having pets and traveling. Aiden wishes to be in a family that can help him stay in touch with his sister and other important family members. He identifies as a Christian as well and would be happy in a family that attends church.

Aiden’s team believes this bright and active youth will thrive with a family who lives in Alaska and has the energy to live an active lifestyle with a focus on spending quality time with him.

Each Heart Gallery of Alaska profile is a strengths-based portrait and is not intended to provide details needed to make adoption placement decisions. Additional child-specific information may be provided to families who have completed licensing and training requirements.

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