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April 2008



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Story Profile

“I would love and help a family, because all I ever wanted is a family that will love and help me.”-Lilli

Athletic and adventurous, Lilli enjoys thrilling activities such as go-carting, fishing, camping, and playing volleyball or basketball. However, she also has a cautious side, opting to fish on shore rather than boating and given the opportunity would choose four-wheeling over snow machining.

Lilli also enjoys family activities such as card games, cooking, and dancing, and dreams of being part of an active family who appreciates the outdoors as well as ‘chill time’ shopping or taking in a scary movie. She would like younger siblings and would love the companionship of a pet dog or cat. Lilli would also like her own room and a cell phone one day.

In school, Lilli’s teacher says she is doing well, enjoying history and art over math. However, if given the choice, Lilli would prefer the stability and calm of a homeschooled environment over public school.

College plans are already in the works for Lilli, as she hopes to achieve her dream of helping others by working in the medical field, as a paramedic or even in the ICU.
Lilli says she would consider a career as a professional basketball or volleyball player as well but would rather not be famous.

Talkative and social, Lilli values her close relationships with her friends, previous foster families, and siblings. She is counting on her adoptive family to help her maintain these special bonds as she grows.

Lilli’s team is looking forward to hearing from single moms or two-parent families who are experienced in parenting children who've had a tough start in life and are willing to work with a committed team of professionals to help her reach her full potential.

Each Heart Gallery of Alaska profile is a strengths-based portrait and is not intended to provide details needed to make adoption placement decisions. Additional child-specific information may be provided to families who have completed licensing and training requirements.

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